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The Soave Classico Hills

Our Garganega vineyards, on the Monteforte d'Alpone hills, are very old. With an age ranging from 80 years to over a century the old vines bestow a small production of grapes which are rich in organoleptic properties. In the Contrada Salvarenza zone about a third of the vines are "ungrafted", that is, not grafted on American vines since they survived the Phylloxera that destroyed most of the vineyards in Europe between the late 19th and early 20th century.
We have chosen to preserve these vineyards where many generations of winegrowers in our family have worked, and, in keeping with them, we toil these lands with natural means. Ours is an environmentally friendly organic farming respectful also of tradition.

The soil varies from one zone to another ranging from volcanic tuff to chalky soils which is what defines the complexity of our wines and the nuances of the various crus. The different microclimates contribute to their character, like the cold night winds that blow on the Froscà hills which impart such an extraordinary bouquet.
This is where our great white wines for aging originate capable of astounding evolution and longevity while maintaining the acidity and minerality that characterizes them.